Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Pumpkin Patch

We love our little neighborhood pumpkin patch! It's become our family tradition to go to "Jaker's" and pick out our family pumpkins. This year they added a few things for the kids like a petting zoo, the hay maze, and the corn box (sandbox with corn instead of sand). We had a great time!

Instead of picking out a small pumpkin from the patch, Karli wanted to buy two mini pumpkins that were on display. The girl has a mind of her own!
She also tried to steal these pumpkins that someone else had picked.
Can I really do this, Mom?
I always get a pretty cute picture of Karli and Chad at the pumpkin patch. For some reason, she does not like taking pictures with me here. Oh well! At least we get a cute one of Karli and Chad!

I agree... sometimes random people are more fascinating to watch than animals.
See you next year, Jaker's!


Robin said...

This makes me wish I lived closer to you.