Tuesday, October 29, 2013

$2 Tuesday at the Dino Museum

$2 Tuesdays in August.  Crazy crowded, but still fun!

Karli has always wanted a set of drums.
 I like the picture below because Karli was trying with all of her might to tell Ashley exactly how to play the drums.  She is definitely the older sister.  Ashley completely ignored her.  Totally a move out of my "little sister playbook" :)

 Karli and her posing!  Love her.

See you next August, Dino Museum!

The Park at Sunset

I LOVE the long summer days.  
We went to the Spanish Fork Splash Pad for some dinner and family fun!
We were still there at 8:30 and the sun was still shining, so we kept on playing!

 I could sit and watch my girls play for hours.
Laundry, phone calls, cleaning, meal planning, responsibilities...those can all wait.
I just want to watch my girls play.

Ashley is finally starting to get the hang of the teeter totter!  Wahoo!

Beautiful Neighborhood

What do you do when you have super cute little girls in the neighborhood??
You dress them up in tights and tutus and take pictures!!

So Fun (for the moms)!!

 Sienna, Peyton, Karli, Zuri, Ashley, Alexis & Senya!

I've said it before, and I'll say it again!  I sure love my neighborhood!
Thank you for the pictures, Courtney!!

Thanks, Pinterest!

Fun Summer Activities for Kids??

Fill up some tupperware with water, dye it blue, throw some toys in, and pop it in the freezer!

The girls played with this for about an hour!!

 They tried lots of different methods to get the toys out.
And, voila!  Old Happy Meal toys are cool again!

 Ashley was mostly trying to eat the ice.  Fun for everyone!

Thanks, Pinterest!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Dance 4 Life Recital

Karli was invited to attend the 2nd Annual "Dance 4 Life" class.
This was started by the cutest little young woman in our Ward, Kennady.
Karli has had dance class every Wednesday during the summer, and finally, we get to see what they have been working on!

Karli's age group danced to "Surfing USA" by the Beach Boys and they got to wear their swimsuits for the performance!
 The audience was full of anticipation!!!
The dance was great and it was so fun to see Karli's moves!

But our favorite part was at the end when all of the dancers got to come do a Free Dance.

 They even let Ashley join in the fun.
She was in pure heaven with her sister!!

Karli got these beautiful flowers from her Dad after her recital.

Way to go, Karli!
You did such a great job!!

Ashley's "Almost-2-Year-Old" Pictures

In our little neighborhood, there are 5 kids turning 2 within a few weeks of each other.
So, we decided to throw a big ole party for the 5 of them!
We decided to do a carnival party and invite the whole neighborhood.

One of our neighbors, Courtney, was nice enough to take their pictures for the invitation.
 Crew, Tyson, Ahnika
Ashley & Alexis

 Ash is ridiculously cute.  And she knows it.
 She is very cuddly and happy.
 And lovable.
 And funny.
I love this beautiful girl so much!
I can't believe she is almost 2!!

Sports Camp 2012

Springville City offers a Sports Camp for 3 to 5 year olds during the summer, so we thought we'd try it out!

Turns out...super fun!!
Karli's friends Kylee and DJ were also there!  Triple the fun!
 Ash got to eat some snacks while we watched Karli get her sports on.
Poor girl.  It's hard to watch your big sister get to do all the fun stuff while you have to wait with Mom.
I know EXACTLY how you feel, Ash.  But one day, you will get to do all of this cool stuff.  I promise.

 Hula Hooping...
Frisbee Throwing... there's no sport left out!

Even on day 4, it was still hard to just watch :(