Saturday, October 16, 2010

3D Ultra Sound

For my birthday this year, Chad surprised me with a trip up to Fetal Photos to see our little girl in 3D. We did this with Karli and it was such a neat experience, and I was so excited to see what our next little girl looked like. She was super cooperative, unlike her big sister at that point, and she was very active. She was opening her eyes, sticking out her tongue, sucking on her fingers, and yawning. We were so lucky to see all of those things. She is darling and looks like Karli. We can't wait to see her soon. 3 weeks to go!


Lisa said...

Those are awesome pictures! That's exciting that you're due so soon! Congratulations again! I can't wait to see pictures of your baby girl (outside the womb).

Holly said...

So cute! I'm still so amazed at 3D ultrasounds. Can't wait to see her in person! :)

Avery said...

Lisa- I loved the photo bombing post. Hilarious. I also loved the picture of Karli talking on the lasagna noodle phone. Congrats on getting Karli potty trained! It's always nice to not have 2 kids in diapers.