Thursday, September 9, 2010

Glenwood Springs

Labor Day Weekend get-a-way in Glenwood Springs?

Yes, please!

We've driven through Glenwood thousands of times, and Chad and I even stayed here for one night on our honeymoon. It was fun to go back with Karli! We had a great time in the natural springs pool. The kids loved the warm water and also enjoyed getting out and eating snacks with their grandparents.
We rode the gondola up to the top of the mountain and it was gorgeous. I had no idea Glenwood Springs was so big!

Leave it to Chad to make this cute family photo opp. into a strange maternity picture. You gotta love him.
Awww, cute cousins!

We had a great weekend!


The Mahaffey Family said...

Glenwood Springs just where we dream of living!

Avery said...

That picture with Chad's hand on your stomach is funny. GF #5 strikes again. Hope you guys are doing great! We need to get together next time we're in Utah.