Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Karli's Asian Grandparents

In July, my parents were able to visit Utah! Unfortunately they were pretty booked with doctor's appointments, eye appointments, and dentist appointments. Apparently, being an ex-patriot is a bit of a pain :) Luckily, we got to spend some time with them and Karli couldn't have been more thrilled. Here are a few of our adventures.

Karli was so excited the night her Grandma came. She couldn't wait to perform for her. It was pretty hilarious. We have no idea what she was singing, but she was REALLY into it!

Karli also enjoyed hanging out with her grandpa and his i-pad. Grandpa also took her to get a toddy (a drink) and shared his powdered donuts with Karli. Now, every time she sees powdered donuts, she says, "My Papa tumin? Donuts?"
We spent some time at their hotel and my mom snuck in a mini-photo shoot while Karli enjoyed her creamie. "My teamie yummy!"
They also let us swim in the hotel pool! I'm not sure if Karli enjoyed people watching or swimming more, but either way, it was fun!
We also got to have a mini family reunion, minus a whole bunch of people, up at my uncle's house. It was fun to see Karli running around with her second cousins.

It was fun to have my parents back, even if it was just for a week!