Wednesday, August 18, 2010


"Whoopsies, Mommy, no light! It dark!"

That's what Karli said as we pulled out of the driveway heading off for our trip to California. My cousin got married so my mom, Karli and I headed to California for the reception. Our flight left at 6:20 AM, and Karli didn't remember the last time she'd been in the dark for that long.

Karli on the shuttle...and lovin' every second of it!

After the plane ride, we had another 4 hour drive up the coast to San Luis Obispo. We had quite a few stops with a potty trainer and a pregnant lady, but we made it! Karli did great and even got to eat ice cream in the car! What a big girl!

Karli grabbed my Grandpa's hand as we walked into McDonald's at one of our stops. So sweet!

Here's the happy couple: Rebecca and Walter.

All of my mom's siblings and my Grandpa were able to make it out to the reception. Pretty amazing. Here's the Morrison side:
"My daddy at work."

Even though Chad didn't come with us, he wasn't far from Karli's mind. Anytime we talked to anyone, Karli made sure to tell them right away that her daddy was at work. I'm not sure if she just wanted to make sure everyone knew I wasn't just a pregnant, single mom, or if she wanted to make sure that everyone knew her dad has a job, but either way, it was pretty darn funny!

Karli loves Lucy. I think Lucy could care less if Karli was around, but Karli wanted to play with Lucy as much as possible. Lucy took a nap at the reception and Karli couldn't wait for Lucy to wake up. She kept checking on her and then she'd come back and whisper, "Wake up Luce!" The next day on the car ride home, she thought it was hilarious to say "Lucy, wake up!" as loud as she could. Silly girl.

"Breakfast! I eat bacon!"

That's what Karli said our second morning at the hotel. She remembered that we got a complimentary breakfast with bacon the day before. She was so excited! She just might love staying at hotels as much as her mom!
Here's Karli playing hide-and-seek in the hotel closet, in my suitcase.

Thanks for taking us, Grandma! We had a great time!


Robin said...

Such a darling post!

Katie said...

I love the Karli quotes. What a cute little girl. She will be an awesome big sister. I need to get that bath back to you!