Monday, July 26, 2010

July 4, 2010

We had a great 4th of July, as always! Here's our family shot at the parade. Karli and her flag are obviously hogging the space.
We went to the annual Evergreen parade with family and Karli left with quite a haul of candy! If you like parades that are generous on the candy, you've got to go to the Evergreen parade!
After the parade we headed to my Grandpa's house and ate popsicles and chatted. Karli had a great time playing with her second cousins.
Karli and Lucy. Cute girls.

Next, we headed to the Henriksen's for a barbecue and swimming. Karli and I outlasted everyone in the pool. I think we were in there for three and a half hours. What can we say? We love the water!
After swimming, we drove back home and I tried to keep Karli's head from doing this:
But, I couldn't.

We drove home and put Karli to bed around 6:30. Our neighborhood fireworks show started around 8:30, and we felt guilty for not waking Karli up. She was getting some much needed rest. So, Chad and I enjoyed the fireworks with all of the other parents and kids in our neighborhood. Since Karli wasn't there, here's a cute picture of her friend, Jackson.
We had a great 4th of July!


The Mahaffey Family said...

Glad you had fun! So sad we missed it!