Monday, August 9, 2010

Karli's New Obsession

Karli has found a new love for her Daddy. Lately, she can't get enough of Chad. All day long she says, "Daddy at work? At office? He come home...nap?" So, I answer, "Yes. Daddy is at work. He will come home after you take a nap." And she says, "Okay. My daddy." We have that conversation about 48 times a day. Karli loves to do activities with her Dad. Here are a few of the things they have been up to together.

Here they are making cookies.

Chad and Karli went on a Daddy-Daughter date to Del Taco. Chad said she ate two tacos and enjoyed every second of it!

I found this funny picture of the two of them from last winter and had to post it. She has such a devilish look and such little hair!

Karli is lucky to have such a great Daddy! We're both pretty obsessed with him!


The Mahaffey Family said...

So cute! Love Daddy love!