Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Karli's First Missionary Experience

My grandparents made Karli a darling little book for Christmas that has pictures of everyone in her family, some cute quotes, pictures of Jesus, and pictures of President Monson and the Salt Lake City Temple. She LOVES it.

While we were in Colorado, we took Karli to the mall to play at the play place. I usually have the book in my purse for her to browse through if she needs it. While at the mall, Karli found a best friend who was about 9 years older than her. This girl loved Karli too. She took her under her wing and played with her for a while. Then, Karli came to us and took the book out of my purse and took it to her new friend. Her friend was excited and opened it up and started pointing to people and Karli would tell her who it was. "Mommy," "Daddy," "Keely." Karli and her new friend had drawn quite the crowd with this little book. I think at one point, there were 8 other kids watching and reading the book. We knew we were getting to the Jesus pictures soon, so we were interested to see what the other kids would do.

Friend: "Who's this?"

Karli: "Jesus! Jesus!"

Friend: "Yup! Who's this?"

Karli: "Pophet!"

Friend: "What's this?"

Karli: "Chooch!" (Temple)

Soon I took the book back because it had become quite the novelty amongst all the germy hands. Karli and her friend kept playing. We were all laughing pretty hard about this little experience.


Katie said...

What a cute story! I love all of your new blogs posts. It looks like you had a lot of fun there!

jtibs said...

Lisa-I just discovered your blog via your post on facebook.... This post is hilarious because you mention germy hands and one girl in the picture has her hand down her pants. Ha.