Saturday, December 19, 2009


Today was yummy! My dad was home so we got to spend the whole day exploring Singapore with him. In the morning we set out to get Karli some new shoes and go shopping a little bit. We decided to go the the Walmart of Singapore which is called Carrefore. Of course, it's located in the Plaza Singapora Mall. This mall has 7 stories with three of them underground. It still amazes me how this island is so small, yet there are SO many shopping centers. We bought Karli some new pink crocks which she was super excited about. "Shoes! Shoes! Shoes!" She wouldn't let me put her old ones on, so she remained shoeless in the stroller until we bought her new ones.

Next, we explored the rest of the 7 story mall. They had movie theaters, indoor hawker stands, toy stores and LOTS of retail. We stopped to eat a little breakfast at McDonalds-how American of us! But what can we say? We are Americans who happen to love McDonalds. While we were at McDonalds, my dad let Karli have a dollar coin to put in the toy machine. She thought that was the greatest thing ever! She checked each machine after she realized she got a toy. She also practiced putting her toy back, turning the handle, and then reaching in and grabbing it and getting excited all over again. Too cute!

Later in the afternoon we set out to get some "authentic" dinner. Not "too authentic"... we all wanted to sleep that night, but we were up for a new experience. We went back to the same mall to one of the food courts and decided to eat at this Chinese restaurant. Talk about delish! We ordered all kinds of good things: three kinds of dim sum, chicken and noodles, shrimp and rice. Yum! Karli wasn't quite as adventurous. She ate some noodles and TWO tangerines that I brought for her. The fruit here is amazing.

Karli liked playing on these little goat statues in the mall. She thought they were dogs. She kept saying "Ruff, ruff!"

After dinner we went outside to check out Orchard Street. This street is the busiest street in Singapore. It's central to all of the shopping and at night, it's packed! I would have thought it was New Year's Eve in New York City, but apparently it was just an average Saturday night on Orchard. We saw all kinds of fancy stores like Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabana, and Burberry.

Then, we went to Dairy Queen and had some ice cream. I just ordered one for me and Karli to share, but it turns out, she wasn't in the mood for sharing and ate her entire ice cream. Silly girl.

Heading to the MRT on the escalator. There are LOTS of escalators in Singapore.