Friday, December 18, 2009

Taxis and Christmas Trees

Woah- 5AM wakeup call from Karli! I guess we're still adjusting! We had a relaxing morning at the apartment and when Karli took a nap, my mom and I headed off to IKEA (they pronounce it Icky-Ya) so I will too. There is a taxi stand about twenty steps away from my parents' apartment building so before I knew it, we were off in a taxi on our way to Icky-ya! My mom is also a pro at getting taxis and telling them where to go. I'm sure proud of that lady! The taxi was very nice with black leather seats and lots of leg room. They drive on the wrong side of the road here and apparently, there is no such thing as personal space on the road either. I was scared pretty much the entire way to Icky-ya.

We bought a few things at IKEA and then road in a taxi home. They were able to drop us off right at the entrance to the apartment building. Talk about awesome! When we got home, Chad, Karli and I helped my mom put up her Christmas tree. She bought her LIVE Christmas tree at IKEA a few weeks ago (isn't that where everyone gets their trees these days?). Karli had fun helping hang ornaments. I'm a mean mom and put up our tree when she was asleep, so I'm glad she was able to help Grandma.
**Can you picture my mom carrying this tree home from IKEA in a TAXI?! The thought of it cracks me up!

After the tree festivities, the Smith fam headed out for an adventure. We went to the local "Hawker Stand" which is one of the first places Chad wanted to see. He'd read about these on the internet. Basically, it's just a huge, outdoor food court with local food. The people at each stand start calling to you and handing you their menus "Hey! Yah, you want this. This very good!" We finally settled on buying some pineapple and watermelon juices.


Katie said...

How exciting! I just read your last three posts and loved every part of them. I think my favorite was Karli's first and last ten minutes. So hilarious. I laughed out loud. Have a wonderful Christmas. You are so lucky to be with your parents in Singapore. So incredible!