Sunday, December 20, 2009

Six Years Ago

December 20

Six Years Ago at 7:40 AM: Chad and I were sealed in the Salt Lake City Temple

Today at 7:40 AM: We woke up to another beautiful day in Singapore and went to church

Six Years Ago: We had a fabulous breakfast with friends and family to celebrate.

Today: We had a fabulous breakfast buffet at the American Club in Singapore to celebrate.

Six Years Ago at 8 PM: We cut into our wedding cake at our reception.

Today at 8 PM: We shared an Ice Kachang (a local favorite dish- shaved ice, mangos, red beans, and corn). Next year, I think I'd rather eat cake to celebrate.


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Robin said...

Happy Anniversary! I just loved reading all your reports. You don't have to refrigerate eggs, especially if they are fresh. I keep mine in fridge out of habit, but they are safe to use unrefrigerated.

I love the picture of the funky shaved ice. Ike read your blog with me and was surprised that everyone wants to touch Karli. Thanks for sharing all these wonderful details! love it!