Thursday, November 6, 2008


I didn't want Karli to fall asleep in the car. First, I gave her all sorts of toys to play with, then I let her play with crinkly ribbon (I know...what a treat!). Lastly, I attempted pulling out her binky a few times.  I guess her car seat is just TOO comfy!


Robin said...

I love her little fat rolls on her legs. Squeeze them for me okay?

Emily said...

Lisa, Karli is so cute. I remember meeting you in Provo at dinner with R&R. It is fun to now see your cute little baby! I remember Ruby's first Halloween--we were in Provo, and we dressed her up with a friend (same age) and visited a nursing home. It was fun to show her off to so many adoring grandparents. ;-)

Karli is just so cute.

Emily said...

Ah, the halloween memory was because of karli dressed up as a broncos cheerleader--wrong post, but you know what I mean. ;-)