Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Grandmas, Grandpas and Cousins...Oh My!


Karli has one set of grandparents that live in Colorado - Grandma and Grandpa Smith

Karli has another set of grandparents that live in Texas - Grandma Nett and Grandpa Otteson

Karli has a brand new cousin that lives in Utah - Tucker (Yes, she was very interested in pulling his oxygen tubes out...I had to bust out some restraining moves).
Karli has two cousins that live in Virgina - Landon and Sydney (and one on the way...Keely??)
Out of picture room... I'll post some of those cute kids later.

We've been able to go visit everyone in the past couple of months (except for the cousins in Virgina..."too far away" says Sydney). Luckily, they were able to come out for a visit this summer so they got to play with "Baby Karli."  Karli's been a great traveler and we've had some great trips!


Robin said...

G&G Smith are obsessed with Karli.

Katie said...

How fun to see your parents with Karli. I love Annette and Rob! Looks like fun. Those are Michelle's kids at the top right? So cute!