Tuesday, October 14, 2008

More Cousin Pictures

Sydney and Baby Karli

Sydney didn't quite understand the concept of the pronouns "she" or "her" so everything about Karli was "he" or "his."  Her favorite thing to do with Karli was put her face REALLY close to Karli's and say, "He likes me! He touched my nose!" And my sister would always reply, "Okay, that means you're too close!!"

Landon and Baby Karli

When my sister asked Landon what they should name their new baby girl that's coming in January, he thought that Karli was a good name for their baby too.  Cute boy!

I wasn't there when this picture was taken, but it's like my favorite picture of them!! So typical- Landon has a toy in one hand, and Sydney's hair is out of control!! Love it!

Landon loves toys.
Sydney loves Singing.  

And we love them.