Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Karli's 2nd Birthday Party!

I told myself that Karli's 2nd birthday would be much smaller and more low key than her 1st birthday. Good try, Lisa. Turns out, it was just as big of a bash as last year, but we had a great time! I asked Karli a few months ago what theme she wanted for her birthday. She had no response. Weird.

So, I gave her a few options:

"Animal Party?" - "no"
"Strawberry Party?" - "no"
"Ice Cream Party?" - "I-Ceam! Yeah!"

So, we had an ice cream-themed party.

Frosting Face!

"Here's The Scoop"- That's the title of the game I made up. Super cheesy, but totally worked. The kids had a piece of paper with a cone on it and they collected as many scoops to put on their cone as they could.

Tucker was the winner of the game. He found the mystery paper scoop. He was the lucky winner of a container of play doh!

After the game, the kids enjoyed cupcake cones and cupcakes. The parents got to make sundaes.
Jackson won the award for "Best Eater!" Good job Jackson!

Karli became quite good at opening the door, greeting her guests, taking her presents, and saying thank you. Her conversation went something like this:
"Hi! Happy Cake! Prezzies! Day Doh! (Thank you)"
The lucky girl had quite the stash of presents. She helped me open them for a little bit, then she ditched me for some ice cream. Luckily, Zuri and Lucy helped me open the rest of the presents.

Some of the cute kiddos at the party: Jackson, Zuri, Karli, Lucy and Tucker. Lydia and Samantha Steiner were also there.

After opening presents, we all headed outside to enjoy the sunshine and some of Karli's new presents.
Here's Karli being hurled up into the air by possibly one of her favorite people in this world- Chad's friend Robb. She loves him. One of the funniest moments at her party involves Robb also. The party was over and Robb was leaving. He was saying goodbye to Karli and she grabs his face and goes in for a big kiss. I've never seen Robb look so awkward. It was hilarious, and we were all watching to see his reaction. I guess we need to have a talk about who we can kiss on the lips.

Railing kisses- endless fun!

Karli loves her new princess dress from her Great Grandma Otteson. She went to get pizza later that night with her Dad and Grandma, and she insisted on wearing her new dress and accessories. I'm sure she got a few laughs!


Avery said...

Happy Birthday, Karli! I am laughing about the story with Rob right now. I wish I could have seen that.