Friday, April 2, 2010

i Karli

Karli has really picked up on this "I" word. She figured it out a couple of weeks ago and it cracks me up how much she uses it. "I drive! I sit! I eat! I play! I nap! I awake!" Here are some sample conversations I have overheard lately:

Karli: I jump!
Me: Be careful!
Karli: I fall!
Me: Are you okay?
Karli: Yeah, I cry.

While I was taking a shower the other day, Karli was playing, as usual. She came in and said, "Mommy, I shower!" Then, I didn't hear her for a while, which is ALWAYS a good sign. When I turned off the fan I could hear her saying "I shower, I shower. Momma! I wet!" I ran to the other bathroom and saw her little legs curled up in her sink, with her jammies soaked from water. "Mom, I shower! I wet!" We had a nice chat about things we can do when Mom is in the shower.

"I apron!"

"I set!"


Robin said...

she cute!

The Mahaffey Family said...

I Love it!

T-licious D-zire and C-hillins said...

Karli is adorable!!! "I" was really hoping to see pictures of her in the sink, but I'll survive without em :) And I love the post below where she put multiple bananas on each plate haha. You're such a good mom Lisa!