Monday, February 15, 2010

Meat My Husband

So, for Chad's Valentine's gift this year I decided to pick his 7 favorite meals and make one each night leading up to Valentine's Day. All I have to say is...MEAT! I've always known that Chad is a big meat eater, but I never realized how much he likes it, until I made his favorite meals back to back. And of course, meat wasn't just a part of the meal, it was the STAR of the meal.

In the last seven days I have:
-cooked pork in two different ways: crock pot, and pan seared
-cooked beef in two different ways: pan seared and grilled
-cooked chicken in three different ways: boiled, grilled, and fried

Tonight, I'm taking a break from meat. Actually let's see if Chad can go vegetarian for a whole week!


Robin said...

Hey - we are going vegetarian for 6 weeks starting tomorrow (I hope we can do it). Tonight's dinner: chicken fingers.

The Mahaffey Family said...

Good luck!