Monday, June 15, 2009


Here are a few new things Karli is enjoying at age one:

WALKING BACKWARDS- I think she mastered this while trying to back away from her cousins so they wouldn't take her toys. She does it all day long.

GOING DOWN THE STAIRS- She's been able to do this for a while... but she started her own little twist a few weeks ago. She knows that she needs to get onto her belly before she backs down the stairs, so she started planning ahead. She will drop down about 6 feet before the stairs begin and crawl backwards until she gets to the stairs. Pretty hilarious! You can't blame a girl for planning ahead.

FOLDING HER ARMS- She folded her arms for the first time all by herself a few weeks ago. She got such a great reaction, she likes to do it before every meal.

GIVING KISSES- She recently learned to make the kissing noise and likes to give big hugs and kisses.

WAVING- Karli won't stop waving. While boarding the plane. I'm pretty sure Karli waved to each and every person. Most people laughed, a few smiled, and some had no reaction... whatever. She always keeps the people behind us at church entertained with her "pageant wave."

DRINKING WITH A STRAW- Karli picked this new skill up at the mall in Texas. I was letting her play with my straw, when I saw Diet Coke start creeping up. I switched to lemonade and watched her gulp for about thirty seconds. I think she thought that if she stopped drinking it would go away, she soon realized that she could take a breath and come back to it. Smart girl.

BEING GIRLY- Necklaces, bracelets, nail polish, brushing hair, makeup. You name it, she likes it.

Here are a few pictures (and titles) from her one year photo shoot. Thanks Kristi! You are the best!



"Purpose of Life"

"Calm Before the Storm"

"For You"


Robin said...

Holy Cow she is a doll! I can't wait to see her this weekend! thanks for taking care of Noah.

Holly said...

Sorry--I thought I was caught up on your blog, but apparently not. These are some cute, funny posts! Karli is so fun! I would like to see her "preparing" to go down the stairs and walk backwards...hopefully we'll get to see you guys this weekend!