Saturday, June 13, 2009

Farewell Houston Party

1 - Number of white tigers we saw.

2 - Number of "Donut Days" Grandma and Grandpa had with the kids.

3 - Number of cousins Karli played with.

4 - Number of matching outfits the girls had.

5 - Number of times Karli went down the water slide.

6 - Number of times the merry-go-round went around!

7 - Number of times Karli went swimming.

8 - Number of minutes it took Karli to do THIS after her nap.

9 - Number of pretty awesome lego figures the boys made.

10 - Number of fingernails I painted.

11 - Number of Cheetos Karli ate for lunch... she just might be addicted.

12 - Number of flights Karli has taken in her short little life.

We'll miss you Houston!

But we'll miss Grandma Nett and Grandpa Rob more!


Katie said...

No way they are gone already? I thought it was the end of June. It looks like you had so much fun. I love the family picture. What a great family. I love the Ottesons!