Wednesday, February 18, 2009

9 Months

Height: 31 inches (100%)
Weight: 20 pounds 8 ounces (85%)

Karli's Top 9 at 9 Months

Top 9 Favorite Foods:
1. String Cheese
2. Rice Cereal
3. Sweet Potato Puffs
4. Oatmeal
5. Pears 
6. Squash
7. Bananas
8. Dried Apples
9. Paper

Top 9 Favorite Activities:
1. Pull herself up onto ANYTHING (furniture, walls, small children, etc.)
2. Crawling while chasing mom and dad.
3. Standing on her own... she can go for about 30 seconds! 
4. Pulling into the garage from a day of errands.
5. Being outside.
6. Looking at herself in anything with a reflection (mirrors, dishwasher, trash can, etc.)
7. Playing with friends... big or small.
8. Crawling up the stairs... she's pretty darn fast!
9. Getting her ears cleaned out... weird, I know.

Top 9 New Skills:
1. Clicking her tongue... constantly.
2. Sleeping through the night...wahoo!
3. Twirling her tongue.
4. Waving "hi" and "bye."
5. Talking on her fake cell phone.
6. Sharing (or shoving at you) her binky.
7. Entertaining herself in her crib until we go get her.
8. Clapping.
9. Chugging water out of her sippy cup.

Top 9 Things that Annoy Karli:
1. Diaper Changes.
2. People wearing hoods.
3. Getting her nose cleaned out.
4. When people put blankets over their faces.
5. Not being able to open the trunk of her toy car.
6. When Chad blows in her face.
7. Blocking her path to our cell phones, magazines, or anything else she feels she MUST have.
8. Crawling in dresses.
9. Mom taking a shower with the door closed.

Top 9 Cute Things Karli Does:
1. Karli kisses (or bonks)
2. Gives her binky to her shadow.
3. Snuggles before she goes to bed.
4. Crawls to the pantry when she's hungry.
5. Gets super excited when her dad comes home, or comes down the stairs.
6. People watching... very curious.
7. When you click your tongue, she'll click back.
8. She won't ever just grab one Cheerio from your hand, she grabs them all!
9. Stands when she poops... much more comfortable.


Holly and Rhett said...

I LOVE the pictures! They are so darn cute. You know I will be copying this post next month!!

Alison said...

she is so cute ! i love the pictures!

Holly said...

I love the new pictures! She is so cute, and getting so big! Hooray for sleeping through the night!!! (Tucker is starting to only get up once a night--yea!)

Mel said...

so cute!!

Robin said...

Loves getting her ears cleaned! She totally got that from me. That's only one of the reasons we get along so well.

The Mahaffey Family said...

Love the boots!! She's at such a fun age we're so sad we're missing it!!

volleyballluver said...

Awwwww Karli so is cute!! I miss you so much and you were an amazing teacher!

Elise said...

Hi this is Elise and she is so cute Im sure you hear that all of the time though!!!