Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A "Cold" Day in September

No. I'm not talking about the weather.  When I retired from teaching, I was looking forward to skipping my annual September cold.  As soon as the kids stepped in the classroom, so did the germs, and I usually get a cold around the second week of September.  This year, it's just me and Karli and we spend most of our day at home, where I thought my annual cold wouldn't find me.  Alas, it found me and I have my first cold as a mom, unless you count the 5 colds I had while pregnant, yes, 5!  The worst of my five came two days before Karli was born and I couldn't stop sneezing and blowing my nose while in labor (yeah, you try sneezing with an epidural, not too fun!). Then for the first two weeks, I couldn't even smell Karli's new baby smell. Sad story.  Well, I'm hoping this won't last too long.  Any tips on how to keep Karli safe from the annual cold?


Holly said...

You are sick on your birthday--how sad! I'm so sorry!