Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Potty Time!

It is true.
Karli is potty trained.
And I am LOVING it.
(This picture might be borderline inappropriate, sorry.)

Let's be honest, though. Potty training is no walk in the park. I feel I should document my thoughts for when I go to potty train the next little one.

I used the "3 Day Method" which sounds pretty easy. However, it's hard to accomplish in 3 days when your child holds in their poop for 3.5 days. Looking back, it took a good 4 or 5 days of being sequestered at home, focused on the potty. But, miraculously, it worked! I'm so proud of Karli, she did a great job with this major life-change. On the first day, Karli and I went to Walmart to buy some underwear, a new potty seat, new sippy cup, new juice, and some bribes. Then we headed home...

Here are some mental notes:
Day-1: 3 accidents, no successes, spirits high
Day-2: 7 accidents, no successes, spirits relatively high
Day-3: 4 accidents, tears (mine), spirits low, then a success, spirits recovering!
Day-4: 5 successes, 1 accident, spirits soaring!
Day-5: 6 successes, NO ACCIDENTS, poop in the potty, spirits super-duper high!

It has now been a good four months since she's been potty trained and she is still doing so well. As of the last couple of weeks, she goes to the bathroom all by herself and washes her hands. She has no problem with public restrooms and I've even been able to stop bribing her with Starbursts. So glad this process is over. I guess, for two years, until little girl #2 is ready!


Holly said...

Now that we're finally home from all our trips to Colorado, I think we're nearing the time when we're going to start this dreaded process. Oh how I'm wishing I were in your shoes right now! :)