Friday, October 15, 2010

Karli's Preschool

We started a little neighborhood preschool for the 2 year olds. There are six cute kids and we rotate houses each month. I was lucky enough to teach in September and we had a great time! I was amazed at how much all of the kids learned. We focused on getting to know each other and following rules and directions. Of course, there's always time for some pudding painting too! The kids did great in September and far exceeded my expectations for learning!

Karli and Zuri
Playing with water (who knew that would be such a hit!?)
Lincoln...very focused!
In October, Karli gets to go to Lincoln's house for preschool. She was so excited and we both felt like this was her first real day of preschool, so we had to document getting ready! She insisted on putting on makeup and wearing her backpack.
I always loved school, we'll see if Karli follows in her Mommy's footsteps. So far, so good!