Thursday, October 14, 2010

Karli's First Photo Bomb

When Karli and I were in California, Karli bombed her first photo. Chad couldn't be more proud. "Photo-bombing" is when someone who isn't supposed to be in the picture gets in the picture and tries to ruin the picture or make a weird face.
Chad is famous for photo bombing...we all have our talents. There must be dozens of Chad's photo bombs floating around the world. I know he's photo bombed in Mexico, Jamaica, Singapore, and possibly Canada. However, I think he's spent most of his time photo bombing Curt and Holly's pictures. Lucky them! I tried to find a photo bomb of his to compare it to Karli's, but I've never captured his talent. So, if you have a photo bomb of Chad, email it to me and I'll post it.

Here's the first (of I'm sure many more to come) picture of Karli photo bombing. My cousin was taking some maternity shots of me at the wedding reception (28 weeks), and guess who snuck in!? Hilarious!


Holly said...

That is hilarious. And Curt will love this post. We have tons of Chad's photo-bomb pictures, so I'll have to pick out the best one to send you...