Thursday, May 13, 2010


Someone at our house is starting to have opinions about what she wears. I'm not going to tell you who, but here's a hint:

This polygamist-looking outfit is made up of pink polkadot pajama pants, my cabbage patch nightgown from when I was little, a brown coat, and black Sunday dress shoes. Nice pick, Karli.

Another favorite outfit she chose a few days ago consisted of purple stretch pants, the bottom half of a swim suit that is too small, and an oversized t-shirt that says "I Love Sydney," and her pink, suede boots. Gotta love opinionated girls!


Robin said...


I miss Karli

Jaimee and Chris said...

That is so hilarious! One time I sent Cory to preschool in his little plaid shorts with a striped shirt, that didn't match of course, and dark black church socks and his tennis shoes. I safety pinned a note to his back that said "I dressed myself today". Anyone who has children would know that, but I felt better. Cute Karli!

Avery said...

I feel your pain, GF! All of Halle's clothes are up in the top of her closet because she changes outfits so much. She has a Minnie Mouse shirt she wears at least 4 times a week.

Katie said...

I love the picture of Karli at the door. So cute.