Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What Happens in Vegas...

Karli has been begging us to leave so she could spend some one-on-one time with Grandma Smith, so Chad and I headed to Vegas last weekend. We stayed at the Golden Nugget, and as always, we had a fabulous time! Here are a few pictures of how we did Vegas.

Um, did you know that the Mermaid Casino is the home to the fried Twinkie and Oreo Stand?
Don't act like you wouldn't try them.

Words of Advice: Do not inhale as you take a bite of the fried Twinkie. The powdered sugar will wreak havoc on your respiratory system.
After much deliberation, Chad and I decided that the fried Oreos are much tastier. Three for a dollar, not too shabby!

We probably spent about 2 hours of our weekend standing outside watching these insane artists paint portraits like this with ONLY spray paint. Totally amazing to watch. This picture doesn't do it justice.
And look who we ran into in Vegas...

So we decided to share a round of soda floats at the Coca Cola store. Good thing Chad likes fruity flavored soda...yuck.

We had a great weekend, but we were excited to get back to our little girl. We couldn't have gotten a more exciting greeting when we got home. Karli started freaking out and running and yelling all over the place with big hugs for both of us. Too cute.

Here are a few pictures of how Karli spent her weekend.

Thanks for coming, Grandma! We ALL had a blast!


Robin said...

Where to next? NYC? Garden Valley? Colorado Springs? Hawaii?

Aves said...

GF- You forgot to mention stopping at my house in Vegas! Where's my shout out?! JK... it was good to see you guys.

The Mahaffey Family said...

What a nice reminder of how much she loves you guys!

Los Schoenys said...

I'm so happy we can be bloggies together now! Let the stalking begin!!!