Saturday, January 16, 2010

Singapore Tips

If you ever get the chance to visit Singapore, here is a list of what you should spend your time doing, according to me. In this order:

1. Spend time with my family.
2. Check out Sentosa Island.
3. Explore the Singapore Zoo.
4. Go to a Gold Class Movie.
5. Buy some yummy things from Bread Talk.
6. Go on the Night Safari.
7. Get a manicure/pedicure (I got the best pedicure of my joke)
8. Check out the American Club.
9. Eat as much fresh fruit as possible.
10. Eat some crazy food from a Hawker Stand. OR- if you're not that adventurous (like me)- order a drink with apple juice, lemon and sour plum. Best. Drink. Ever.

Things I missed about the U.S. while in Singapore:
-string cheese
-regular tasting milk
-Walmart (Yes, I just wrote that. It's a one-stop-shop with big aisles and high ceilings. Every grocery store in Singapore is so tight and crowded. Don't judge me.)

Things I miss about Singapore now that we're home:
-the fam
-falling asleep while looking at the city lights
-not having to drive anywhere
-escalators EVERYWHERE!
-doing something new and exciting every day
-fresh fruit: pineapples, mangos, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, guavas, and bananas. You name it, it was fresh and delicious.