Friday, January 15, 2010

Sentosa Island

Boy am I glad we didn't discover this place until my last couple of days. I would have spent ALL my time there! I had no idea Singapore was hiding this little gem of an island. Basically, it was my paradise. Water, Sand, Sun, Resorts. Love it. Sentosa island is a man-made island off the southern tip of Singapore. It sounds cool, but, just wait until you get there. It's awesome. It has three different beaches and tons of resorts, spas, and shopping. One beach was for families, one for outdoor enthusiasts, and one for tranquility and solitude. We chose to go see the Palawan Beach, which is the family beach and we had a blast!

First we had lunch at a beach-side restaurant. Yay for American food!
What can I say, the girl loves ketchup!

The Palawan Beach is also the home to a suspension bridge that links to the Southernmost Point of Continental Asia and also Asia's closest point to the equator. So next, we crossed the bridge and checked out the sights from the tall towers.

Karli had a great time jumping up and down on the bridge. She kept wanting to stop and "Dump, dump, dump!"

Here's my dad, checking out the oil ships, or barges? Cha-ching! After all, oil is what brought us to Singapore, right?

Finally, we changed into our suits and headed for the beach. Karli definitely enjoyed her first time at the beach. She played on the beach with her cousins for a while, then I got her to come into the water with me. She wasn't too sure about it first, then she didn't want to get out! She loved bobbing up and down with the waves. And apparently she loves salt water. Gross.
Is that the cutest little beach bum, or what??
Grandpa shared his slurpee with Karli. She instantly fell in love.

Thanks for the memories, Sentosa. Hopefully we'll be able to spend more time together next time :)