Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Apartment

I thought I'd post a few pictures of my parents apartment. It's just so crazy that they live in this modern high rise. I would have never thought...

View entering from the elevator lobby.
Stairs to the right
Dining Room
Family Room
View from top of the stairs.
Master Bedroom
Master Bath
The toilet- flusher mechanism at the top.

The apartment has awesome space saving closets. Just like Ikea!
Their apartment is two stories and has an elevator lobby at each level. Here is a picture of the upstairs lobby. (Also pictured, my assistant, Karli playing with a doll)
This is a picture looking down from the upstairs lobby into the maid's quarters/laundry room.
And finally, here is a picture of the panoramic view from their balcony.

Thanks for letting us stay with you!


Holly said...

Wow! So beautiful! I'm so glad you took all these pictures of their apartment. Funny--I had a dream the other night that we all (you guys, Chris & Mike, and us) went to visit your parents in Singapore. I kept thinking, wow, that was nice of Lisa's parents to pay for us! :)

Robin said...

I could totally live here. I've been telling Roland that after Ike grows up we are going to live in a loft or downtown apartment in Boise and then skip up to the cabin when I need trees and flowers and grassy yards. your parent's place looks perfect!

I've loved reading all your posts about the trip. I am so glad you had such a nice time!