Thursday, December 31, 2009

Singapore Zoo

The Singapore Zoo is by far the BEST zoo I have ever been to! Singapore is actually tropical, so it's like we got to see all of the animals in their natural habitat. Pretty awesome. I left with about 250 pictures. Here are just a few.
Brave little Karli and the Croc.

She thought these otters were little dogs. So close.

Best picture we could get of three wiggly girls and their Grandma.

Granpda and Karli checking out the white tigers.

I had no idea that this is what an acutal coconut tree looked like. It's really fascinating to watch the monkeys climb up the tree, twist each vine a bunch, and then pop the coconut right off. Amazing!

Hard to see, but that's a baby hippo on the other side of the glass. We watched him go up for air and then nestle back underwater with his mom.

This is the average size of shoe a kangaroo would wear...if it wore shoes, of course.

Karli and Daddy checkin' out the 'Roos.

Monkeys Everywhere!

Chad is popular with the ladies!

Question: What is sweeter than Chad?
Answer: Chad's Blood!
Chad Mahaffey was the lucky audience member who was chosen to go up in front of everyone at the show and do a tribal shout. He was good. Very good!
There's also a water park at the Zoo. It was AMAZING and so much fun. Here's a picture of Karli and me shooting out of one of the slides. This was definitely Karli's favorite part of the zoo.
Nothing like ending a great trip to the zoo with a Capri Sun.


The Mahaffey Family said...

It was awsome!! I can't believe I missed the tribal shout!