Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Eve as a Singaporean

Christmas is a holiday in Singapore, but not a BIG holiday, because most of the residents aren't Christian. It sort of felt like a normal day around here. We had an exciting Christmas Eve, rather unconvential and memorable. We decided to let Kenny Rodgers cook us a Christmas Eve feast. Yes- THE Kenny Rodgers. He has a restaurant here in one of the malls. Very kid friendly with yummy American food. It was delish. Here are some pictures from our Christmas Eve dinner.

Grandpa and his buddy, Landon.

Lisa and her buddy, Karli.

Uncle Chad, and his buddy, Karli.
She can have two buddies.

Michelle, and her buddy, Keely.
AND Keely, and her buddy, ice cream.

Chad, and his buddy, Sydney.

My mom, and her buddy, her Christmas pashmina.
My mom is hilarious.

After dinner the older kids took a ride in the pond while Karli and Keely clapped for them.

Later that night the kids went on their annual treasure hunt to find their new jammies. You know what they say... "When in Asia...get Asian jammies!"

After the treasure hunt, the kids played out the Nativity scene. Landon was Joseph, Sydney was Mary, Karli was the Angel (who also happened to be holding a baby so she wouldn't steal baby Jesus...maybe she was holding John the Baptist?) and Keely wouldn't keep her costume on, so she was just a cute little girl in Asian jammies.
My favorite quote of the day came from Landon. He was tired of playing Joseph and excited about his "Kung Foo pajamas" so after we finished he said "Oh, good, I just want to be Chinese now!" Got to love that boy!


Holly said...

Looks like fun! I love all the Asian jammies!

The Mahaffey Family said...

Ok, so you are hilarious! Seriously how come you got the funny gene!