Sunday, September 6, 2009


Much like Pavlov, we are conducting our own Classical Conditioning experiments at our house. Karli is conditioned with the following things:

You say "hot" - Karli blows
You say "dog" - Karli says "woof, woof!"
You say "prayer" - Karli folds her arms
You say "shhhh" - Karli touches her nose and mouth (close enough) and says "Sssss!"
You say "please throw this away" - Karli takes it to the garbage can
You say "amen" - Karli says "Ahhhh"
You say "let's change your diaper" - Karli SOMETIMES lays down on the ground... the other times, she runs away saying "no! no! noooo!" Either way, it's a response!
You say "bath time" - Karli runs upstairs
You say "yay!" - Karli claps
You say "tucker" or "duck" or "tickle" - Karli says "Tacotacotacotacotaco"
You say "kiss" - Karli will kiss whatever is closest to her
You say "street" - Karli reaches up to hold your hand

I'm sure this is only the beginning...

Helping me clean is one of her favorite activities! We'll see how long that lasts.


Robin said...

SO sweet! She is growing leaps and bounds! You are such a great mom!

Stacie Hawley said...

Oh...she is so cute!! I would love to take pics for you. So you still live in Utah? I am doing little "model sessions" right now - so if you want when I'm in Utah I could meet up with you. $60 for 15-20 high res edited images. You get to keep the copyright and a CD those images. Either way - would love to see you guys!