Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Never A Dull Moment

We took a quick trip to Colorado last week and here are a few things Karli learned:

Road trips are fun! Especially when you get to watch Finding Nemo and eat yogurt bites in the car.

Cookies taste better when you can eat them on the couch with Grandpa.

Glasses just make you look smarter.

Playing the piano is harder than it looks, but Noah is a good teacher.

Sometimes it hails in Colorado in August. Hail hurts.

Sometimes at restaurants, you can be watching the lobsters play in the tank, and the next minute, you can see a guy in a big white hat take it back into the kitchen. Then it comes out all red and smothered with butter.

Gigi needs to pray more. Every time Karli would see Chad's Grandma, she would look straight at her and fold her arms until Gigi folded her arms. Karli also got this mean look on her face. We're not sure what she was thinking, but she definitely wants Gigi to fold her arms more.


Aves said...

Hey guys! I can't believe how fast your little one is growing up! She is really getting long and lean. I bet you she is nice and tall and that's the way we like em. Well anyway, I just wanted to say hi!