Sunday, April 12, 2009

Nearly a Year

Karli is now 11 months old. Here's a few new things we've learned about her in the past month:

1. She can walk! She took her first steps on March 4th, and she's been improving every day.
2. She's a girl! We already knew that, but she's acting pretty girly these days. If anything has a strap, or something that resembles a strap, she'll put it on her arm like a purse, and walk around. Pretty cute.

3. She LOVES The Wiggles! Karli has never been a huge fan of TV, but for some reason, she can't get enough of the Wiggles. She'll even bring us the remote when she wants to watch it... true story.

4. She's Brilliant! Karli can now locate her tongue, finger, head, and socks. Next we're working on clavicle and appendix.

5. She loves to laugh! At least twice a day, Karli gets giggle fits where she laughs so hard she almost cries. We think she's going to have quite the sense of humor.


Aves said...

GF! How the heck are you? Your little girl is growing up so fast. We are coming up to Utah on the weekend of April 24th and I want to see you guys. Willis has a friend getting married on Saturday, so maybe we could get together on Friday? I will call you when it gets closer. I'm excited to see you! We haven't been up in a long time. I am excited to see gf Karli walk.

Holly said...

Love the video of her laughing! So cute! If only there were some sort of dance you could do to get her to laugh like that...! :)

The Mahaffey Family said...

Dear Karli,

That movie that we were watching of your giggles was so funny! We laughed too. I hope you like it.

Dear Karli,
Hope you have a good day, with your Easter Egg hunt. (Their not really going to an Easter Egg Hunt I just want to say that.)


Robin said...

So so cute! I would love to see what it is you are doing to get her to laugh so much!

Lisa, Please email me: robin at 4hr dot com. Thanks!

Welcome to pojo... said...

Karli is so big and so adorable! that video of her laughing is so funny! tell her we are excited to come to her party!