Monday, November 17, 2008

Oh, For Cute!

Yes, that's what my mom would say about this post.  Last week Karli and I went to get her six month pictures taken by Krisit Bowman, and we were super excited to see them on her blog.  She is the most amazing photographer! I'm not just saying that...seriously. Check out her blog and you'll see how phenomenal she is.  If you live in the Salt Lake or Provo area (or anywhere actually) you've got to have her take pictures.  She specializes in Maternity, Newborn, and Toddlers, but we've had our family pictures taken with her too.  You can also see Karli's Newborn Pictures on her blog.  They are too cute!  I love so much about Kristi, but one of my favorite things is that she makes you (and the babies) feel so comfortable, and not rushed at all.  I've loved every picture.  Here's just a sample from her 6 month photo shoot, click here to see more. Enjoy!


Katie said...

What a cute mini Lisa! I love it!

Mel said...

So cute! I love these pictures! Thanks for the thank you card! I loved it! You are so sweet!

Hawley Family said...

oH SO PRECIOUS!! I love them - hmmm - maybe I will have her take my girls pics next time we are up!