Monday, October 27, 2008

Let the Halloween Festivities Begin!!

Last Friday night our friends threw a FANTASTIC Halloween party with yummy food, contests, and games.  We had SO much fun! Chad went as the "Red Bull Gives you Wings Guy" (I think mostly because he just wanted to drink a Red Bull), I went as a substitute teacher, and Karli went as the class clown.  Actually, she was just a clown, but I tried to connect our costumes to some sort of theme.  So...I guess Chad was actually the boy in the class that drinks Red Bull, Karli was the class clown, and I was the substitute teacher...Never mind, maybe next year we'll do a family theme!

I don't want to brag, but I DID win the costume contest.  I know, a substitute teacher sounds kind of lame, but we jazzed it up a bit with some ratted, frazzled hair that Chad jammed a custom paper airplane into, a kick me sign on my back, gum stuck in my hair and on my skirt, and we topped off the costume with some mascara down my cheeks to look like I'd been crying.  Not too shabby for a last minute costume!


Long Family said...

I like your idea for your halloween costume, Lisa. Very creative! I think you pulled it off well. Karli looks pretty cute both as a clown and a duck. Fun times.

Mel said...

so dang cute! you guys are the best!

Becki said...

This is so fun! Karli is adorable and you were awesome as a sub teacher! That's so how it is!